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Hannah Spikings
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Games Artist at Playdemic in Cheshire, UK. Feel free to message me on here for a chat, or anything otherwise!


Compass Tattoo
A tattoo design I did for a family friend a while back - just showing that I can do tattoo commissions if ever needed! :) Sorry for the ugly watermark, but sometimes its got to be done. >_< The map texture was taken from a stock website, just as a heads up. I can't find the correct link, but I don't take any credit for that section of the graphic.
**I got tagged again by the awesome perplexingPariah to introduce Clara to the world, so here we go for a second round and equipped with a second JAZZ HANDS GIF**

Tbh I don't do memes often, but it's a Friday night, I was tagged by the awesome Elforgotten so strap yourselves in folks I'm about to unleash a bunch of info on MY MAIN MAN TIMOTHY


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


1.    Out of the group, she knows the least about the city she lives in, including social cues, slang, etiquette, etc. She's a genius at memorising locations though.
2.    Her black eyes are often quite literally an eyesore for her. Bright light gives her headaches and impairs her vision. However, her eyesight is perfectly accustomed to pitch black areas.
3.    Clara is...not really an optimist. She's had enough of a rough life to see things as they are and get kinda suspicious towards random acts of kindness. That's not to say she won't accept them, but still......=__=
4.    Curry and chips are her all-time favourite drunk food.
5.    Her scythe came from an old fight club that had it lying around in the back somewhere. No one else could get any use out of it except her, so she just ended up, well, using it. A little too much.
6.    Clara wants to learn more about the world around her and is very inquiring about everything. She also wants to lowkey learn to drive, but no-one is brave enough to teach her.
7.    When everyone is asleep, Clara will occasionally sneak off to some local night-clubs to either enjoy dancing in the dark, or trying out new shots.
8.  She finds it hard to form a close friendship with anyone. Not that she hates them, but that positive emotion isn't always there. Her suspicion also gets in the way from time to time.


1.    Timothy's airways are infected with all sorts of spreadable diseases, so he wears a gasmask to stop other people around him breathing it in.
2.    It doesn't stop him from eating though (in private)... especially toffee. He just loves the stuff. It's the key to his happy heart.
3.  Speaking of happy, he is the happiest cinnamon roll you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. An optimist, a pacifist, a joker and somewhat naieve, he'll almost certainly brighten your day.
4.  Takes the award for being the youngest character of the group at a squishy sweet 18.
5.    Timothy lives with his roommate Jacque, who was kind enough to get him off the streets in his youth. They've formed a very close bond.
6.    His music/movie collection consists of a lot of 90s/00s content. He enjoys the cheesiness of "the old days"... his favourite movie being Mean Girls.
7.  He's actually a pretty decent first-aid guy too. No professional doctor by any means, but he's certainly better than your average back-alley medical maniacs.
8.  Timothy isn't great at fighting though and gets out of breath/fatigued easily. For situations like this he carries an old suitcase around with him filled with useful items, "just in case".


I, I would but everyone I know who'd love this got tagged in the previous list .__. but if you're reading this, I TAG YOU YES YOU TO DO IT ANYWAYS BECAUSE LIFE IS SHORT AND YOU NEED TO HAVE FUN MAN

Yummy pie! Until next time, may yourart supplies stay functional and your art programs run smoothly - now go kick ass! Yummy pie! 

Meet the Artist - Spikings
Thought I'd hop on the bandwagon for this one as it was a fun thing to do between other stuffs!

Find me more often on tumblr nowadays!


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